Child Support Calculator

I have included a link to the Washington Division of Child Support Calculator. This link will allow you to see what the Washington State Child Support Schedule Worksheets look like and give you an idea of the child support obligation in your case.

While this calculator can be useful you should be aware of its limitations. The calculator assumes that you know all of the monthly income, and deduction, information. For some this may be easy to figure out, but for many these numbers will be difficult to figure out (at least the correct numbers). Computing the correct amount of Federal Income Tax withholding, per month, for a given gross income will require a copy of guild lines from the IRS (I use IRS Circular “E” that is available to employers).

Also, the calculator does not address several important issues, such as the tax exemption(s) of the child of the marriage, college expenses or other children (not of the current marriage) supported by the parent. These issues are addressed in the state statutes but how they are addressed is very dependent on the facts of a particular case.

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This article is not intended to convey legal advice, but only address some of the general rules. Most legal issues, in family law cases, depend on the specific facts. Should you wish to discuss your particular situation with the Law Office of Thomas A. Chillquist, please call or email my office. I represent parties in family law matters in King and Pierce County, including Kent, Federal Way, Covington, Renton, SeaTac, Des Moines, Fife, Auburn, Seattle, Bellevue, Puyallup, Orting, Tacoma and Mercer Island.