Kent Family Law Lawyer  |  The Law Office of Thomas A. Chillquist

I am an experienced family law attorney located in Kent, Washington. I opened my office, in Kent, Washington, in 1988. I work in both King County Superior Court (Kent and Seattle) and Pierce County Superior Court (Tacoma). My practice is limited to family law matters. This would include:

Divorce actions                                                         Legal separations
Modifications of parenting plans                            Modifications of child support
Relocation of children                                             Division of Child Support
Paternity actions                                                      Domestic violence cases (family law)
Mediation                                                                  3rd party custody cases
Prenuptial agreements                                           Community property agreements
Settlement conferences                                           Trials
Family law hearings                                                Post divorce matters                                                   Committed Intimate Relationships (couples living together)

What can you expect from the Law Office of Thomas A. Chillquist

Getting out of a relationship is a very personal matter. Once you have made that decision (or wish to explore your options) my job is to explain, and help you weigh, all of the options you have.

Many family law cases have issues that are very complex and resolving them properly requires the assistance of a family law attorney. This would include dividing assets and debts, addressing maintenance, preparing a parenting plan (for minor children) and setting the correct amount of child support. Once these issues are resolved it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to change your mind. Some of these issues will not only affect you but also your relationship with any minor child of the relationship, possibly for many years. As your family law lawyer I have over 26 years of experience to address each issue in a way that you will fully understand.

I have a very small practice. When you call my office I answer the telephone. Family law matters are very important, and can be stressful, for the parties. For this reason I will keep you informed of every step in your case and return phone calls and emails promptly. I make sure we discuss every option together, going over the pros and cons, and help YOU decide which way to proceed.

In many larger family law offices (and even some that are not so large) clients can feel like they are not getting the personal attention that their case requires. I keep my practice small to avoid this problem. If you have had an experience, with a law office, where you have felt like you were not “in the loop” I can assure you the experience in my office will be completely different.

Unbundled Services

While I can fully represent you in any family law matter, I also do “unbundled services” – where I can assist you with any portion of your case. This could include discussing your legal rights, what steps to take, preparing or reviewing paperwork, or appearing on your behalf at a hearing or trail. If you have been working on a family law matter, on your own, but are having some difficultly in figuring out how to fill out the paperwork or where to file all of the forms you may only need some limited help.

Free Consultation

I offer a free consultation. During this meeting I will be able to get more information from you and give you options that are tailored to your situation. With some financial information, regarding each parent, I can give you an idea of what the child support amount might be, as well as discuss my thoughts on what the parenting plan should include. Give me a call at 253.740.3348